Thursday, January 22, 2009

Green Dregs and Spam

Well, it happened. Green spam. This is not just "greenwashing" or companies sending emails about their new-found consciousness using images, as my favorite eco-marketing mentor Jacquie Ottman would say, of "babies, planets and daisies."

The good news could be that some understanding of the problems at hand are trickling down and being grasped by enough of the general population so spammers think their .00001% average response will work even for a highly suspect fuel solution product. Or maybe I'm just on a Bleeding Heart Database because of my eco-activities and got it. along with only the .

But yesterday I got spammed about converting my car (I live in NYC - no car) to run on water.... "all for the low, low price of..."

There has been a lot written about "Brown's Gas" or HHO, and a lot of pretty smart people have been working hard at extracting energy from water (and I'm all for them figuring out how to finally perfect a FUSION vs. fission nuclear power plant.) But if a lot of other smart people are to be trusted then I'm putting my money on the pundits who posted about this on wikipedia, vs. the guy who is trying to sell converters for my car. (Whoops -- YOUR car. Remember? I don't have one.)

So if you want to have at it, I'll forward you the ad and maybe you'll be the one in .00001 that buys this, puts it in your Chevy and will write back and tell us all how it worked for you!

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