Friday, January 9, 2009


I was all set to write some thoughts/tips about a Clean Start to the New Year with office greening ideas, etc. But last night, I was stopped dead in my tracks by attending a screening of an amazing new documentary. I was privileged to be among the first New Yorkers to attend this invitation-only screening as the film makes it way to theater circuit...thanks to rabid recycler and professionally funny friend, Robin Gelfenbien. She got the invite and when she heard the topic was biofuel she immediately called me. (Either she thought of me because I was the only sucker she could find to go see a film on that subject or my "brand position" of eco-consciousness has sunk in.)
I am indebted.
is a must see. Funny, educational, depressing and inspiring. Maybe it hit home because the film takes you from director Josh Tickell's early efforts to promote his all-vegetable-oil-run Veggie Van, from the back-story of the pollution created by the Oil Companies like totally mucking up towns like MOSSVILLE, shining a light on purported cover-ups that would humble Michael Moore. But he describes it as "More a movement than a movie."

If you're in NYC, it will be playing in one small theater, opening 2/6, on 12th st. But here's the scoop: Robin and I...and pretty much all the other 25 people in the room last night, all drank the Kool-Aid and are working on creating screening opportunities from living rooms to corporate offices. If you have the space and want to host a screening before 2/13, call or write to me and we'll bring the popcorn and a copy of the DVD!

Looks like you can't play the trailer from here, so here's another link:

Why: It's on the "short list" of 15 others before they narrow the Academy Award noms down for the category of Best Documentary. We need to help them gain buzz and word-of-mouth because it's THAT IMPORTANT. One version of it won Sundance...and the updated version, with the twists and turns that happened since then, is even better. (It even has more of a "beginning, middle and end" kind of story than An Inconvenient Truth for the plot-driven fans among us.) Twists and turns in a documentary about energy? Believe it or not. For example, did you know:
  • Oil is finite. We have maybe 30 years left to last us. Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes gotta happen NOW to break the addiction.
  • The alternative, of biofuels (see Veggie Van), can power ANY diesel engine without any conversions necessary and seemed promising til it got bad press in timing that was spookily coincidental to the GOOD press and award the film got, that may have scared the bejeezus out of the oil folks...
  • But there are still issues with veggie biofuels, especially Josh researched and promotes an alternative to the alternative, that even folks like Sir Richard Branson and Robert Kennedy, Jr who are featured in the film, are totes behind! One of those alternatives? Algae biofuel...which he actually tastes some of in the film....(I'll stick to Spirulina.)
At the end he does a great job of explaining it'll take a whole combo of alternative energies from wind and solar and whathaveyou...and yes, even some (operative word, some) oil to get us through.

Bravo. Hope you win, Josh.
We need fuel like this to spark action right now.

let us know if you want to donate screening space for an evening before 2/13, or want to be in the loop on screenings. (We'll try to create a Facebook page for it.) Worst case, ya'll can come over for a screening and Robin and I will host you if need be!
Want to help more? Check with Josh or producer Rebecca at:


Jessica said...

Thank you for this posting. I would love to try and see this "Fuel" film.
I also would encourage you to come and see what Valcent is up to and its developments towards a sustainable algae fuel. Your comments would be much appreciated.
Thanks again, and hopefully see you on the blog!
Jessica Brock

E.B. Moss said...

Thanks, Jessica. Valcent sounds great. Also, really appreciated seeing this news about Continental's first "algae-fueled" flight, posted on your blog!: