Tuesday, January 5, 2010

E.B.'s Best of the Top Ten for '10

I put all the effort into writing this week into my e-newsletter, with a whole compilation of some of my favorites of the Top Ten lists that came out recapping the last decade. So, to make my life easier, and to offer you one easy resource, here's a link to that newsletter.

From BrandChannel's favorite articles to the top recommendations for
Social Media Strategy -- even the best books
for Small Business Owners and the best songs of the year from The MusicFile,
it's all the scoop you could want IMHO of mostly business best-ofs.

(Special bonus! See my holiday recap video with my look back at 8 years of Moss Appeal! It's a link within that link, but here it is again.)

Happy New Decade, all.
More later.

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