Saturday, February 7, 2009

Greening My Reading?

Kindle 2 and Google Books just don't smell like Barnes & Noble or my old public library. I read most of my news online, weaning myself down to the weekend NY Times only in print, and even putting THAT on "vacation hold" pretty often to make that diet (and budget) even more strict. They make it hard to find the e-edition or the Times Reader or whatever its called, but I finally mastered how to grab the little corner of the virtual paper with my mouse and drag, vs. turn a page. But I miss holding the crossword puzzle in my hands. Of course, that means I can't berate myself for never understanding the theme clues. (If there's a question mark after the clue does that mean even Will Shortz doesn't know the answer??)

I don't miss the size of the piles of papers I can't seem to get a handle on of section I absolutely, positively have to read and never seem to. I buy most of my books all at once at the annual Goddard Riverside Book Sale, when publishers donate new releases, calendars, and books on, make that, make that DVD, and they're sold at 50% of list with proceeds to benefit the center. Having never been able to pass up a bargain, especially when tempted by that good old smell of ink and paper, I walk out with canvas totes filled with bargains. But since I read so slowly, consuming every word, I have books I absolutely, positively mean to get to this month from the sale four years ago. So now I'm on a serious book diet, too.

(Except for my step-brother's new book,
"Humpty Dumpty was Pushed" which we ALL must get when it comes out in March! Here's a sidebar note: Marc's the guy who wrote the human chain anthem "Hands Across America", and his step-daughter (yes, my "step-step niece," works for Riverkeeper that fights to keep the Hudson clean, so bleeding hearts run in the family and extended extended family! And, just to make your head spin, one of his songs was a clue in a NY Times puzzle. I didn't get THAT one either.)


So, by the time I am done with the physical books and ready for the next gen Kindle, eschewing bargains and scents for the sake of the trees, it will probably be the Kindle 17. Great...That'll be MORE tech ramp up I'll need to learn.

2/8 Postscript: Just found this JOOST link to a 48 min movie on Riverkeeper

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