Friday, April 4, 2008

pre-Fatigue Fatigue

I'm worried. The more we see and hear the green message, the greater the chance for the planet-killjoys to circle the wagons with cries of "it's a trend!"

Last night I attended a mainstream networking event. Instead of the usual pats on back and looks of intrigue from most people who hear I have Moss Appeal Green, a couple of clearly conservative fellows in the finance and real estate worlds actually challenged me to a little eco-duel. ("Come on, E.B. ...Isn't "green marketing" just trying to get companies to look like they're doing stuff?" or "This won't make any difference," "it's a passing phase," etc.)

I believe I won. I think a "trend" or "fad" is based on sizzle, not meat or merit. We have no choice but to embrace this and get used to the need for substantive change.

But they are getting tired of hearing eco-this and sustainable that. I think that is the good news and the bad news. Per my previous comments, I think when we get tired of hearing the message is when it may finally be sinking in. But miles to go before we sleep.

Green doyenne, Jacquie Ottman, fought back a little in today's Sustainable Brands Weekly newsletter in a blurb on "green fatigue." See that, and my supporting comment, below it.
And don't give up on us yet!

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