Saturday, January 12, 2008

Blog, Sweet Blog.

A month or two ago, after attending the New York Times Small Business Summit, I was asked to contribute to their new Web page -- an adjunct to the NY Times online. I dusted off my journalist chops and wrote my first blog entry! What a blast. I had to finally commit on paper just one of the thoughts that had been swirling around my brain; take a point-of-view and get it out there! Personally, I think it's a pretty smart piece of writing (even if it was a little long...) and a catchy title: Using Social Media to Market Social Responsibility.

But it was for someone else's site. Yeah, okay, not bad that your first entry is associated in some way with the New York Times, for pete's sake...and you know I emailed everyone in my address book about that little piece of exposure. I was even a "featured entrepreneur" with a Q&A, picture, and everything.

It started to dawn on me that people might be interested in what I had to say when another blogger asked if he could interview me about Pixman, one of the very cool experiential tactics I rep. It was one of his first entries, and Kris' blog has really taken off. I'd like to think I helped the kick-starting...but I think he's just really motivated.

THEN, I landed a great new client -- a software-as-a-service product (I'll explain that another time) and to help their launch we created a whole social media campaign, including setting up the CEO with his own blog.

It was time to do it for myself...and Moss Appeal...and Moss Appeal Green.

There have been times in the past few years where I've had some darn good ideas and perspectives about the state of my industry (primarily media/entertainment), from how to overcome issues of advertising in a DVR world, and some less, well, erudite ones. Like, once I run low on plastic bags from refusing them at the grocery store, what am I going to put my garbage in? And there have been some just plain funny thoughts that should be shared, in my humble opinion.
Sometimes hysterical, sometimes hysteria, they all swirl around in my head, with no home to go to.

Until now. Now there is my own little blog, sweet blog.

Look out.


Kris said...

Thanks for the plug E.B., I look forward to reading what you have to say!

Happy 2008!


Andrea said...

I continue to be impressed with your journalism skills and look forward to what I expect to be stimulating commentary on your official new blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey EB:

Great start! I can't wait for future posts.


Andrew said...

> even if it was a little long...

Hey EB - good writing never feels long when you read it.